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What to Look For in Vinyl Windows

New windows enhance your home’s appearance, make it quieter, and less drafty. It’s true that saving money on your energy bill is a good reason to replace your older, less-efficient windows,  but the greatest benefits are in keeping your home more comfortable. We offer a wide range of replacement windows, including vinyl and OKNA Windows and Doors’ Starmark Cellular composite windows, which are stronger and even more energy-efficient than vinyl replacement windows.

Replacing a home’s windows is a big investment, so the better informed you are, the better decision you can make. Here’s what to look for when choosing new vinyl windows for your home.

  • Appearance. Today you can now find vinyl windows that look convincingly like wood. The good news? They outperform wood windows when considering ease of installation and level of maintenance required. They’re available in a rich, textured, and realistic woodgrain, but are resistant to rotting, corrosion, termites, and air pollutants. They also retain their finish, and you never need to sand, re-stain, or repaint them.
  • Quality. Top-quality vinyl windows have additives that protect against brittleness and fading. Look for welded corners and numerous internal air chambers in the sash and frame extrusions. They add strength, rigidity, and insulation to the window.
  • Premium Glass. A quality replacement window minimizes heat loss and gain by using spacers (the material that separates the panes of glass) that give your home excellent thermal efficiency and reduction of condensation.
  • Effectiveness. Choose windows that are designed for the local climate. Is your home exposed to high winds or extremely cold temperatures? Look for vinyl windows that rate higher for excellent low-temperature wind resistance.
  • Energy Savings. Vinyl windows that are Energy Star compliant meet certain energy performance criteria defined by the Department of Energy and the EPA. OKNA windows meet and exceed these criteria.

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