What Are the Benefits of Custom Window Replacement?

Whether you’re interested in energy efficiency or simply want to update the look of your home’s exterior, window replacement is a great way to meet your goals. A common question homeowners ask is whether to choose custom windows or stick with the stock windows. When is custom window replacement ideal?

About Custom Windows

First of all, it’s important to understand what custom windows are. These are windows that are completely customized to your specifications:

  • Window size
  • Window shape
  • Design or style of the window
  • Type of window
  • Specialty coatings
  • Type of window glass

For example, if your home’s living room has a great view but the sun shines really brightly inside, you can get special coatings that block UV rays and lower your energy costs. If you’re in love with Victorian-era homes, you can choose a window that fits, even if it’s not a stock style.

The Benefits of Custom Windows

Obviously, choosing custom options for window replacement means spending more than with stock designs. What are the benefits?

  • The home doesn’t need remodeling: Some older homes don’t have window frames that fit today’s windows. This can require remodeling to enlarge the openings. On the other hand, every custom window is made specifically for its frame.
  • Installation costs are lower: Without these extra hassles of remodeling, you can often save money when working with window replacement pros.
  • Window quality is superior: Many stock windows are high-quality choices as well, but virtually all custom windows are top of the line.
  • Energy efficiency is better: A better fit with windows makes seams more watertight and insulated. This helps keep the home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

There’s no limit to the layout, design and decorative options of windowpanes and frames that you can choose with custom window replacement, including bay windows and other styles. While you may spend more, it’s a smart long-term investment.