The Smart Choice for Your Home’s Exterior


Whether you are looking to build a house or have decided to update and remodel your current residence, the outer color and structure takes some serious consideration. Choosing the right home siding is more than looking at a color that compliments your architecture. You will be looking at budget restrictions, the style of your home and the climate.

Choosing Material

Siding is a very important part of your home’s exterior, as it provides protection against the elements. It is considered a part of the wall assembly. However, because it is on the outside of the house, it is also important to the aesthetics of your first impression. Siding comes in a variety of materials ranging from vinyl, fiber cement, brick, wood, stone, stucco, stainless steel, composite materials and even ceramic tile. The type of material you choose should fit your budget but also provide durability. Installation costs vary according to material, so keep that in mind when you are looking at options.

Choosing Durability

Vinyl siding is considered a popular, cost-effective home siding option. Not only is it easy to install, but it is affordable, comes in many colors and has high durability ratings. It is also low maintenance and withstands a variety of weather factors. However, brick siding is a rival to vinyl, because it doesn’t rot, dent or need to be repainted. It stands up to weather onslaughts and is impervious to termites. Using fired clay brick is also environmentally friendly. Fiber-cement is climbing the ladder of durability, giving you peace of mind because of it’s water-resistant, noncombustible and termite-resistant composition. While it is beautiful and typical of homes in the Northeast, wood siding is losing ground as a favored choice because of maintenance and durability concerns.

Your home siding should present itself well and identify your residence as a part of the landscape. It should also be easily maintained, durable and affordable. Call the experts for help choosing what will work best for your house.