The Basics of Choosing New Windows

Installing new windows not only enhances the aesthetics of your home but also improves energy and minimizes outdoor noise. They are also an investment, so it’s important to understand what is available on the market to help you stay within budget while getting the quality windows you desire.

Choosing the Right Glass

Glass has come a long way thanks to modern technologies. The windows currently on the market have U-values, which signifies how much heat exits through the glass, as well as R-values, which refer to thermal insulation. The higher both of the values, the better the window is. Windows also come in a double pane and triple pane. The latter is more reinforced to seal out light and sound, but also comes with a much heftier price tag. If your windows don’t get all-day sun rays, a double pane will likely provide the efficiency needed. For people who really want to wow, there are new windows on the market with specialty glazes. This allows people to have designs on their windows that also minimize moisture problems.

Framing Options

Similar to glass, framing options have come a long way. While the old standard of wood is still an option, most people are choosing more durable materials, including aluminum, composites, fiberglass or vinyl. These all offer enhanced thermal qualities, though not all are created equal. For many people, vinyl has become the preferred option due to it being lightweight, durable, easy to clean and available in many colors. No matter which is preferred, ensure that the corners are welded rather than glued to have peace of mind they will stay put longer.

When you are ready to invest in new windows, the process may seem a bit overwhelming due to there being so many options available. Understanding the basics of the different glasses and frames may help make the decision easier while staying within your budget.