Recognize the Signs That You Need Window Replacement


When it comes to window replacement, the most important question is when to replace rather than repair your windows. It’s important to recognize when replacement is the best option, so you don’t experience damage to the home because of old windows. The good news is that there are several signs that let you know that repairs are no longer effective enough.

Temperature Exchange

Age, damage, and cheap materials can all lead to weakened windows. The frame and construction around the window glass can also become damaged and worn, leading to the need for replacement. If you notice a breeze when you stand next to the window or if you can feel warm or cold air through the window, it is time for window replacement.

Rising Utility Bills

Maybe you’ve recognized a consistent rise in the cost of heating and cooling your home. You may have noticed that you’re regularly paying more to keep your house comfortable than your neighbors are paying. Windows are some of the biggest culprits in rising heating and cooling bills. The seal between the glass and the frame may have dried, loosened, or become weak. You may notice a slight draft when you stand close to the windows. Remember, the money you spend to replace the window is often less than the money lost to expensive utility bills.

Hard To Open Windows

The windows in older homes are often painted shut or the frames around the windows have shifted over time so that it is difficult or impossible to open them. This can be a serious hazard if there is a fire in the home. In addition to this danger, you may also have to deal with the daily frustration of not having adequate ventilation.

Window replacement generally isn’t your only solution, but it may be your best option. As a homeowner, the investment you put into upkeep will end up in monthly savings, increased satisfaction in your home, and improved safety.