Popular Styles and Types of Front Doors

When you consider your home, the front door is one of the most essential elements. Not only can an attractive door be visually appealing, but a sturdy, durable door can offer the protection and security you need. Your door won’t last forever. Years of use and abuse from the weather and other factors can wear it out. It may even become outdated after a time. As you start looking for front-door replacements consider the various available options. Make sure you choose something that fits your home’s style and that you know will meet your needs. Replacing your front door doesn’t have to be a challenging project.

UPVC Doors

These are an increasingly popular option for homeowners today because they work with a wide variety of home types and styles. Another advantage of using these doors is that they come in a wide range of sizes and materials. While wooden doors can warp from rain and snow, UPVC doors are waterproof and can more effectively withstand the elements. You can also find options in different shapes. You may even add a glass pane or two to the door.

Composite Doors

If you are concerned about replacing your front door with something that can stand up to force, composite doors are a good option. These heavy-duty doors are strong and can be a deterrent against break-ins because of their reinforced build. Composite doors can last for decades but also don’t sacrifice the visual characteristics you want.

Stable Doors

These doors have a section style, much like you would see in a horse’s stable. This door allows you to keep one of the sections closed while opening the other one. Of course, you can open or close both as well. Many people find this to be a benefit for convenience and for security when it’s time to think about replacing your front door.

Think about your design preferences and needs. Then, you can use these guidelines to pick a new front door.