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Why You Should Hire A Professional Door and Window Installer

Feeling inspired by your favorite DIY show? While there are many areas around your home you can put your DIY skills to good use, door and window installation may not be the best area. Improper window and door installation can lead to a whole host of problems, including decreased energy efficiency, unsafe doors and windows and potential for water leakage to occur.

Energy Efficiency

Windows and doors are major culprits for air leaks in a home. Escaping air is a major source of decreased energy efficiency in a home. Whether you’re heated or cooling your home, help prevent your furnace or air conditioner from overworking and driving up your energy bills by choosing professional installation. Improper installation could miss cracks where air can escape. You may also improperly fasten the framing, which results in a shifting door frame or window.


An improperly installed door or window is a liability for your home. Not only is a loose door or window an easy entry point for intruders it can also be unsafe to push against. The last thing you want is for a door or window to come crashing down. Choose a professional door and window installation service to restore your peace of mind.


Finally, both windows and doors use a complex system of waterproofing to prevent moisture from entering your building envelope. Insulation, caulk, weather wrap and siding are all used carefully around the frames. Choose a professional installation team to ensure these materials effectively prevent moisture buildup in your walls, which could cause mold growth.

Contact a Professional Today

There’s a time and place for DIY projects. However, professional door and window installation services can provide you with efficient installation and peace of mind. Choose a company that backs its installation with a personal guarantee and has experience in the industry. Enjoy hassle-free installation that is energy efficient, safe and waterproof.