Enjoy the Classic Look and Feel of Double-Hung Windows

A classic window option for your home is double-hung windows. Whether you’re looking to replace your windows or are designing a new construction, this window type has a lot to offer for every room in your home.

Easy Access and Cleaning

Unlike other types of windows, double-hung windows are very easy to open and clean. You can easily tilt the sashes to access the windows for cleaning or to open either the top or bottom for increased air flow. This makes them far more versatile that sliding windows or other popular window types.

Classic Look

The iconic double-pane look of a double-hung window makes it an instantly recognizable option. Few window types give your home that quintessential charm. They are equally great at fitting in with older style homes or being dressed up for a more modern look.

These windows can come with a variety of frame options, with a range of durability, lifespan and cost. Choose from these materials, and discuss the pros and cons of each with a local window expert:

  • Wood
  • Aluminium
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl

Practical and Popular

Most double-hung window varieties are still able to include a screen, so you won’t have to worry about insects issues. These windows also are some of the most energy efficient and insulated options on the market. Try them out today and see why this is still one of the most popular window options for your home.

From entryways and living rooms to bedrooms and bathrooms, double-hung windows are a classic option for any home. If you’re shopping for a replacement window, there’s a good chance the window may have been a double-hung. If not, these sleek windows often fit in with other window types for a versatile option. Contact a local window expert to discuss your options and determine whether this type of window is right for your project today.