Elevate Your Space With a New Bay Window

Bay windows are a little like the fairy tale cousin of regular windows. They’re beautiful, they make rooms feel more spacious and open, and they even double as a cozy reading spot or display area. If you’ve ever felt jealous of the unicorn homeowners out there who happen to have found that perfect house with a bay window nook, don’t despair! Fortunately, having a bay window replacement installed is completely doable for window installation professionals and can be an excellent addition to a living room, dining room or bedroom.

Construction Process

During the process of having a new bay window added to your home, your contractor will remove the current window, measure and cut a correctly sized space for the new window replacement. Support beams will be added and the new windows attached and then will come framing, insulation, sheeting and roofing. Once the window is completed your contractor will seal the bottom with a window skirt and the edges with exterior caulking.

Design Process

Now comes the fun part: what will you use your window for? Perhaps you can have a soft-cushioned seat added in front of the new window for a comfy reading nook, or maybe you want to design built-in shelving beneath and around it to show off some of your treasures. A breakfast table can fit perfectly in front of a bay window, and you can even have a kitchen bench installed in front. For some added storage, consider looking into benches with shelving underneath or hinged tops that open for areas to keep extra small appliances, linens, decorations or tableware.

Windows can feel like magic in a home: they add light, create interest, and make rooms feel larger. Bay windows can do all that and more. They add an inviting air of charm and can be a delightful addition that may make you wonder how you got so lucky. These beautiful windows are more than worth considering in your next window replacement project.