Few parts of your home are as iconic as your front door. The entrance to your home is not only a strong focal point for your exterior design, it also provides convenience and safety as you enter and exit your home. Whether you’re building a new home or looking to remodel your existing home, here are some essential points to consider for your front door installation.


Front doors come in a wide variety of options, so it’s essential to select one based on the functionality you need. Screened doors, large windows, bolt locks and keycode locks are all available. Consider each option and choose a combination that fits your budget and provides you with the easy entrance and complete safety you need.

Color and Design

Depending on your siding color and landscaping, your front door can be a vibrant accent color or a muted contrast to the rest of your home. Consider how you’ll incorporate the color and design of your door into the rest of your home. Go for a bold red door for a memorable look or contrast your white siding with a deep black or grey entrance.


Of course, most homeowners are on a budget for renovations or construction. Keep your budget in mind as you purchase doors. Affordable front door installation may not include the windows you want, while an extravagant door may be too costly for your home. Selecting a middle-ground option may be the best for your particular project, depending on your specific needs.

Professional Installation

Buy your front door from a business that is certified as a front door installation expert for your particular brand of door. Save time and money as you order both the door and installation at the same location. From modern steel doors to elegant and traditional hardwood alternatives, find a front door you love that fits the look and feel of your home.