Incredible windows can bring any room to life, brightening your day whether looking through French doors in the dining room or bay windows in the living room. Adding new windows to existing home structures is a complex task, but trustworthy contractors can help you with everything from selecting the right style to high-quality window installation. How can you pick the best window installer?

First Contact

The first part of shopping around for window installers usually takes place via email or by phone. Start with these questions:

  • How much experience do you have with window installations?
  • How long have you worked with windows?
  • Do you have any finished project photos I can see?
  • Do you offer free estimates?
  • Do you oversee installation during the entire project?
  • Is your company insured?

The more expertise an installer has dealing specifically with window installation, the better the finished results. Of course, if adding windows is part of a larger room renovation or home expansion, a general contractor’s experience and knowledge of building codes are vital.


After gathering some preliminary information from one or more window installers, take some time to check out their reputations online. Look at the information on their websites and check out local client reviews. If possible, drive by any past projects listed to see the results in person.

The Next Step

When you’ve narrowed down your list, it’s time to sit down one-on-one with potential window installers. Be respectful, but don’t be afraid to ask direct questions:

  • Do you have any window recommendations for this project?
  • How long does it take windows to arrive after ordering?
  • When would you be able to install?
  • How long does this kind of installation take?
  • What payment terms and guarantees are included in the work contract?
  • What happens if a problem appears after installation?

A trustworthy contractor has nothing to hide. Instead, great window installers are happy to answer your questions and work with you to provide the best solution for your lifestyle and home.