A Brief History of Windows

In the modern era, purchasing new windows comes with many choices, all of which are designed to better insulate the home, reduce energy costs and minimize glare. As you make your selection, it is a good moment to reflect on how far humans have come when it comes to window coverings.

The First Window Coverings

Once humans started to build more complex housing, it soon led to ways to further keep the elements out. The birth of windows first came in a form of closed structures that featured wood shutters or animal hide or cloth used as flaps. While they offered privacy, they left no room for a view and required frequent replacement.

The Rise of Glass

The Romans were the first to incorporate glass into windows. Of course, only the wealthy members of society were able to afford the new material. The use of glass continued to take time to gain popularity due to the cost. After the 17th century, the cost for new windows with glass came down, which kickstarted a trend that would continue through the 20th century.

The 1900s and Beyond

During those centuries, there were no standards among the glassmakers. That changed in the 1900s, enabling easier installation of both new and replacement windows. After developing those standards, the 1930s ushered in an era of window kits available in different shapes and sizes. For the first time, homeowners were able to customize their homes and create a unique aesthetic. The trend to have standards sizes yet many options have continued to be a mainstay in the window manufacturing industry. New technologies have also turned a simple glass piece into a durable, weather-resistant component of the home.

As you browse the selection of new windows, it’s a good time to have a little appreciation of the offerings available. Instead of securing a flap, you get to choose high-quality, glass windows with added modern conveniences.