4 Warning Signs That Your Siding Needs Attention

The siding on your home doesn’t suddenly fall apart one day while you are away at work unless there is a vicious storm rampaging through the area. Rather, the building’s siding sends out subtle clues for weeks or months that it needs your help. Here are four of the warning signs that indicate you need to call a siding contractor because your siding needs your attention.

  • Paint

Peeling paint is a signal. Paint can seal the tiny, almost invisible cracks in the siding that allows water to get under the panels. That means that siding’s life is prolonged by many years with the help of the protective coating paint can provide as it seals the wood against moisture, bugs and other weather-related damage.

  • Swelling

The boards of your siding should all lay flush with your home and provide a nice flat surface against the building. If you see a swollen board, bowed panel or warped region, it means there is a problem with the entire area of your home’s protective surface. Contact a siding contractor to check for underlying liquid or infestation of critters.

  • Caulk

The almost invisible lines of caulk are used by the siding installation crew to seal all questionable areas of siding where moisture can enter. Over time, the caulk may dry out, crack or peel, which can allow mold to invade the structure and cause serious home problems. If you see signs of caulk damage, have it replaced immediately rather than waiting for more expensive repairs down the road.

  • Deterioration

Siding can get old and begin to deteriorate, no matter how well you take care of it. Battering storms and UV sunlight rays only help speed the aging process up as the materials begin to age. If you see any signs of deterioration in the siding edging or panels, call a contractor to inspect the area.

Don’t put your home at risk through inattention. Instead, call a siding contractor at the first sign of problems and save yourself hundreds of dollars in future repairs. Your home will thank you by keeping you safe and dry.